Our mission

MOGwee begins in 2017 as a collaboration of a university team in Cambodia, a social entrepreneur in Uganda, and a development economist in Kyrgyzstan. We see opportunities for entrepreneurship everywhere. We want to connect talented people who struggle to find markets for their knowledge and experience with information- seekers worldwide.

Our goal is simple

to create a platform that brings together diverse service-providers with curious people around the world. The platform will provide a searchable database of service-providers, user comments and reviews, Skype connection between parties, and real-time payment for services.

MOGwee will go live on June 1, 2017

Join us, to offer services or explore what services and learning opportunities are out there.

Become a service-provider

Photo of youself (*Up to 1MB)

Video file of yourself (up to 30 seconds and no bigger than 20MB) in which you explain your capabilities

Become a service-provider

Join the pilot team of service-providers for site launch on June 1, 2017. Submit the following details to MOGwee developer team to get started.

Activate your account

In order to activate your service account, the MOGwee team will contact you directly to verify identity and link your PayPal information to the platform. Help me get started with PayPal.

Contact Us

To become a service provider, please contact:

Name: Colleen and Lexy

Service-provider recruitment

Email: Service@mogwee.com

For questions about the website, please contact:

Name: Keanghok Lay

IT developler

Email: Administrator@mogwee.com